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Natasha Friis Saxberg (DK)

Natasha Friis Saxberg

Entrepreneur, speaker and author.

Co-founder of Gignal – a Social Media Billboard. Founder of Mentory – a global mentorship community. Co-founder of NordicMeetup – connecting the Nordic startup scene. Mentor at Startupbootcamp and Seedcamp. Affiliated at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

At the BlogOpen she will talk about human digital behavior – why we act as we do online, what motivates and drives us to participate and engage.



Find Natasha:

Partner at Webcom ApS
Launching startups at Webcom labs
Founder of Mentory
Co-founder of Konfect
Affiliated at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Co-author of the first Danish Twitterbook
Being spontaneous at Twitter
Exploring at Foursquare
Aggregating at Friendfeed
Posting photos at Flickr
Experience at LinkedIn
Travels at DOPPLR
Videos at YouTube


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